10 Most Common Issues Psychotherapy Can Treat

There is no married couple on earth who lives without any dispute. The best thing is to understand the differences and accept them openheartedly. But people often tend to focus on others’ weaknesses rather than considering their own, and that’s where marital issues take place. More often than not, people end up parting ways, then realize they could have overcome that issue by means of couples counselling.

There are many reasons Couples therapists in Toronto can be more than helpful for you. You may be going through emotional pain or have a difficult family life. You may be struggling to get higher position in your company or having a good relationship with your spouse. This calls for help. You need to go straight to licensed therapists in Toronto to overcome your worries and pains, and start a better life.

  1. Behavioral issues: therapist will perform psychological assessment and plan a specific therapy for you. He will observe your behavior under different situations and recommends you alternative ways.
  2. Depression:It is a treatable disease. In preliminary stages, it can be treated with medication or little counselling. For severe stages, periodic sessions, along with medications may be recommended.
  3. Anxiety:Anxiety is related to both, cognitive therapy and behavior therapy and combination of both brings improvement in patient’s response to certain situations.
  4. Schizophrenia: it is a long-term disorder that results in brain’s incapacity to link emotions, thoughts and behaviors. This leads to wrong perceptions, improper actions and feelings.But, the disease is treatable with combination of therapy and medication.
  5. Post-traumatic stress disorder:there are two main therapies, including shame-based therapy and fear-based therapy. The treatment for Post-traumatic stress disorder is known as psychodynamic treatment.
  6. Alcoholism: a form of addiction that is quite universal. You can consult any psychotherapist in Toronto if you’re having difficulty doing away with this issue.
  7. Childhood abuse in past: if you have been the victim of childhood abuse, you may be having fears, phobia, anxiety or depression. In few cases, people become addicted as well. Talk to your therapist for the right treatment.
  8. Personality disorders: PDs can be treatedwith a combination cognitive and behavior therapies.
  9. Addiction: it is a form of mental illness which is related to patient’s emotions and feelings for a particular thing. Addiction treatment involves behavioral and cognitive therapies. Therapist may also use pharmacological treatments to increase the rate of recovery.
  • Low self-esteem:If you have low self-esteem you can go through psychotherapy treatment to overcome this issue. Conventional method is used to treat this problem.


Psychotherapy leads us to human behaviors and thought processes. Although, prior researchers and experts have determined action plans, treatments and therapies, “will they be enough” always remains a question? To understand unique behavioral patterns psychotherapists do most of the things that others might think as waste of time. They discuss issues; read behaviors and feelings; quantify results and do their best to treat the problem. Most of the time they do succeed, but it always depends upon their skill, knowledge and interest.Toronto therapists are professionally trained to provide treat any of the above mentioned mental or psychological issues, thereby helping you to lead a successful and disturbance free life.