17th May – World Hypertension Day


Hypertension generally known as “Blood Pressure” in a layman’s world, happens when the force of the blood pumping through your arteries is too strong. Hypertension can strain the heart, damage blood vessels, and increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney problems, and sometimes even cause death. Treatment for heart disease is a prolonged process and sometimes lifelong.

World Hypertension Day is a day dedicated to and initiated by The World Hypertension League (WHL), which by itself shelters organisations of 85 national hypertension societies and leagues. This day was bought to light so as to create awareness towards hypertension as a diseases. It was important because of the lack of appropriate knowledge among hypertensive patients globally.

Over a billion people all over the world suffer from hypertension and it is predicted to increase by 60% in the year 2025. It kills around 8 million people every year around the world and is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, foetal and maternal death during pregnancy, dementia and retinal disorders.

What can causes hypertension?

  1. Physical inactivity
  2. Unhealthy diet laden with processed food items
  3. Excessive weight
  4. High-salt-low-potassium diet
  5. Alcohol and tobacco abuse
  6. Prolonged stress and anxiety

The best heart surgeon in India may suggest major lifestyle alterations as a line of treatment for hypertension.Eating a healthier diet, quitting smoking, and getting more exercise will be advised. Lifestyle Changes to Treat High Blood Pressure. A critical step in preventing and treating high blood pressure is a healthy lifestyle. You can lower your blood pressure with the following lifestyle changes:

  • Lose excessive weight and maintain your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Quit smoking
  • Eat a healthy diet, including the DASH diet (eating more fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products, less saturated and total fat)
  • Reduce the amount of sodium in your diet if you have high blood pressure; healthy adults should try to limit their sodium intake as preventive measure.
  • Get regular aerobic exercise helps keep the heart healthy
  • Limit alcohol to two drinks a day for men, one drink a day for women is also advised.

World Hypertension Day generally takes on a specific theme. For example, in the past, one of the themes was ‘Healthy diet, healthy blood pressure’, which aimed to improve people’s understanding of how poor diets can_contribute towards high blood pressure and how a more healthy diet can help to rectify the problem.

Some of the activities which are getting organised for the annual celebration of the campaign are public forum, debates on the subjects of high blood pressure, brisk walk or run activities, health screening, free cardiac set up for regular check up , media write-up. Meeting of the medical professional expertise and advisers are held for highlighting the common problems of hypertension on national and international level, discussing the new and most easy preventive and control measures for the people with hypertension.

The theme for the year 2017 was “Know Your Blood Pressure”

The theme for 2018 would be “Know Your Blood Pressure”.