A Guide to T5 Extreme Fat Burner

T5 Extreme Fat Burner is a fat-burning supplement that is thermogenic in nature. That is, it helps the body to lose weight while gaining an increase in energy. The supplement is made with ingredients like caffeine anhydrous, guarana, bitter orange and green tea extract. The T5 Extreme Fat Burner also improves reaction time of the body, enhances concentration, elevates energy levels, and supercharges your metabolism (see a great review here). It is suitable for both men and women of adult age (i.e. 18 years and above). The supplement is vegetarian-friendly and is madeby Iron Labs Nutrition.


As earlier stated, some of the ingredients of the T5 Extreme Fat Burner are guarana, caffeine anhydrous, bitter orange, and green tea extract. It also contains chromium and I-carnitine. Initially, the T5 Extreme Fat Burner, just like other burner within the T5 series such as the Biogen T5 Burner, was were based on the ECA Stack drugs which consisted of ephedrine, aspirin, and caffeine. Then, the ECA Stack drugs were mostly patronizedby bodybuilders who loved and used them because they claimed to be effective at building up lean muscle definition. However, ever since the ban of ephedrine, it has been replaced with bitter orange which makes the present T5 Extreme Fat Burner to be noticeably different from the first one.

How to Use the T5 Extreme Fat

The T5 Extreme Fat Burner should be used according to the manufacturer prescription. You are to take it once per day, 30 minutes before breakfast. The supplement should also be supported with regular exercise to speed up its effect. Furthermore, you should put yourself on a good diet. Your diet must include a reduced amount of calories. All these are necessary for speeding up the rate of the effectiveness of the supplement.


Everything in life has its pros and cons. The T5 Extreme Fat Burner is not an exception. Some of the advantages of the supplement are:

  • Quick Impact

Unlike other regular fat burners, the T5 Extreme Fat Burner works very fast. You see its results as soon as possible depending on your body and usage. In fact, within the first couple of days, you would start feeling the supplement working its magic within your body.

  • Gender and Age Suitability

The T5 Extreme fat burner is suitable for people of all ages above 18. Also, unlike some other fat burners, it is genderless. In other words, it works for both men and women alike.

  • Energy Level Boost

Apart from burning up the excess fat in your body, the T5 Extreme Fat Burner also boosts up your energy level. So as you lose fat and weight, you add more energy.


Expectedly, since the T5 Extreme Fat Burner has pros, it also has its con. The major con of this supplement that is often mentioned by its users is:

  • Dehydration

Using the T5 Extreme Fat Burner gets you constantly dehydrated. This means you would be drinking a few glasses of water more than you used todrink each day.

However, considering the overwhelming benefits of the T5 Extreme Fat Burner, it is a highly recommended fat-burning supplement everyone looking to lose fat should get.