Adjustable Lap Band Procedure for Weight Loss – Some Basics to Know

Laparoscopic adjustable band procedure, which is abbreviated in the medical circle as LABG is a unique procedure for weight loss, which is being practiced from 2002 onwards, and now advanced a lot. Prior to Lap Band, there had been gastroplasty and Angelchick prosthesis used for quite some time, but these involved a lot of complications and many times proved out to be ineffective in providing reassuring weight loss results.

Lap band procedure

At the latest format of banding procedure, an inflatable silicone ring is inserted with laparoscopic assistance and placed across the upper stomach. This ring is connected to a reservoir port, which is buried inside the abdominal wall. The tightness of this band can be adjusted by accessing this abdominal wall port and by removing or injecting saline.

Frequent adjustments are needed to the band in order to achieve adequate balance between weight loss, satiety, and the obstructive symptoms being developed. Ultrasound or fluoroscopic assistance may be needed sometimes while doing the gastric band adjustments.

Compared to other procedure like stapling for weight loss, LAGB has a very short learning curve and complication involved for the surgeons who do the procedure. Most of the times, nowadays, it is being done on simple outpatient basis. The recovery period of lap band is also quicker than other complicated weight loss procedures .

Lesser complications

As there is no stapling as in case of other bariatric surgeries and as there is no need for partitioning, lap band is considered as one of the safest weight loss operation. Also, it tends to create less severe complications down the line. This procedure is also free of any malabsorption problems and will not cause any GI side effects. The device also can be removed at any point in future and it only causes minimal scarring at the spot of implantation.

Some myths abolished

When you are planning for one, you may here many myths about lap band procedure, but most of them are simply irrelevant. Here, we will discuss some such rumors around this procedure.

  • Lap band is a highly dangerous surgery

In fact, there are risks associated even with the minute surgical procedures. When compared to all procedures of its class, lap band is a remarkably safer procedure. When gastric bypass requires cutting and stapling of the intestines and stomach, lap band procedure can be done quite simply in outpatient setting.

  • Women cannot be pregnant after lap band

This is another myth about lap band surgery that women cannot get pregnant after this procedure. It is safe for lap band patients to have pregnancy, but doctors may advice those who had undergone this procedure to wait for one to two years before conceiving.

  • Lap band cannot effectively resolve obesity conditions

Lap band is proven to have the same success rate as of gastric bypass, but with a higher lesser level of complication. The benefits of weight loss as improvement of the medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, hyperlipidemia, high BP, ad sleep apnea can be achieved through lap band also.

The new model adjustable lap bands have 100% re-operation rate for the lifetime. Revision surgeries can be done at time to place another band, adjust bands, or it can be converted to a stapling procedure also if that is your choice in future.