An Introduction To Xanax And Its Addictive Effects!

Many people are prescribed the medication Xanax for panic attacks and anxiety. It belongs to the segment of prescription drugs called benzodiazephines. Very little do people know this medicine can become a big source of addiction in life. They take the medicine as prescribed however with the passage of time they gradually get addicted to it.

This medication works when it interacts with the brain receptors. The medication enhances the inhibitory activity of the brain and this curbs the over excitement that results in anxiety in the person. Morningside Recovery in the USA deals with such forms of addiction with its patients. The experts here say that though the effects of the medication is fast and lasts till 6 hours, most people tend to misuse the drug. It gives them a sedative effect and this calms them.

They are afraid to become excited again and they tend to take the drug as an addiction. The case is not even worse in the USA and other parts of the world- the drug is now being used for recreational purposes. Many teenagers are using xanax at parties and getting addicted to the medication. This definitely has caused widespread concern and awareness is the need of the day when it comes to its addiction and de-addiction.

The effects of Xanax

The effects of Xanax is the same like other narcotics. Its immediate effects tend to wear off and patients that have been prescribed with the medication tend to take more of it in order to get back the same effects. Now, if this tendency to take the medication excessively does not stop, it will lead to an increased risk of overdose and other medical issues.

If it is addictive, why do doctors prescribe it?

Now, the question arises, if this drug is addictive why do doctors prescribe it?  Experts say Xanax has intense effects and it is only prescribed for short-term use. It should be taken as needed in event of panic attacks. It is an intensely powerful drug addictive in nature. Those who take the drug on a regular basis tend to become physically and psychologically dependent on this medication. There have been cases where many people who have been using this drug have taken more than required.

Recognize its symptoms…

The symptoms of this drug are intense, they have an overpowering presence on the personality, behavior and the appearance of a person. The symptoms of this drug abuse will also depend upon the genetic make-up of the individual and tends to vary from person to person. The symptoms of Xanax include irregular sleeping habits, slurred speech, isolation from family and friends, lack of coordination, lethargy, erratic behavior, memory loss or black outs, blurred vision and dramatic weight loss.

The experts at Morningside Recovery state they receive a large number of patients who have become addicted to Xanax. They start with their rehabilitation treatment with compassionate doctors and friendly staff. There are diverse therapy options that are applied to patients. Their recovery techniques help patients to lead normal lives after their recovery.