Be Amazed at Clenbuterol Cycles

One would be left wondering what a bronchodilator is or asthmatic drug has a role in the body building community. The drug is Clenbuterol and this is a sympathomimetic amine class of medicines used especially to treat asthma patients and other breathing disorders. Its biological properties are similar to salbutamol or epinephrine and have some effect on the Central Nervous System. Its main effect is to enlarge the airways and pathways which allow more air flow and blood flow. This increases the metabolism and oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Also, the body temperature increases resulting in thermogenic effects. This accelerates fat burning capacity of the body thus resulting in reduced body fat and weight.

Use in Body Building

The athletic and body building community does not use the drug for its medicinal property rather for its fat burning property even though this is not medically approved. In fact, the drug is not even used for medical purposes in many countries as much safer medicines have been invented. The drug has the potential for a lot of side effects and that is the reason it is not used medically anymore but only in certain countries. During the bulking phase of a body builder, the muscles have retained water and may look bloated. This happens in the off season. During the on season, the muscle should look toned and well built up. To achieve this effect, Clen is used with other drugs. The results of a Clen Cycle are that it may be able to reduce the weight by around 20-30 lbs depending on the work outs and diet.

Stacking with Other Drugs

As this is not a steroid, the effects may be somewhat limited if used as a standalone drug. So, people try to combine other drugs with this to either improve the result or limit the side effects. It has been observed that by stacking this with Anavar, Winstrol, Testosterone, Trenbolone, Dianabol or Deca Durabolin. The effect of adding these drugs which mostly contain testosterone or its derivatives areto accelerate the cutting phase which results in toned muscles. Adding T3 Cytomel with this has the effect of accelerating the fat burning metabolism and weight can come down dramatically. Whatever drug or combination of drugs one consumes, the final result may vary depending on a lot of factors. Age, dietary factors and length of workouts will determine the actual result.

Safe Usage

There are no medical guidelines available as to what is a safe level and mostly it comes from the other users. Men should be using a 50-200 mcg and women 20-60 mcg per day. It is always better to start with low doses in the beginning and slowly increase the dose to observe how well the drug is tolerated. In any case, the usage should not exceed more than 12 weeks as the actual effects are not felt after this. The weight results of a Clen Cycleshould be approximately 20 lbs less.One can expect headache, insomnia, heart problems, low BP, dry mouths, dizziness, nausea, etc as side effects. Adding Taurine, increase water intake, potassium supplement or orange juice or banana may alleviate the side effects. If they persist, it is better to consult a physician.