Dentistry and other Services from Serenity Dental

An exceptional Rocklin Dentist and dental team await patients at Serenity Dental. At this practice, customers will find a group of people who genuinely care about their wellbeing as much as their oral health. They show this by doing everything in their power to ensure that their patients are comfortable during a dental visit. From video glasses and refreshments to neck pillows and popular magazines, tahe Serenity Dental team makes going to the dentist an enjoyable experience.

General Dentistry

General dentistry involves the prevention, maintenance, and restoration of smiles when common dental problems arise. Oral health is commonly monitored every six months, making a visit twice a year ideal. Prevention includes checkups, x-rays, cleanings and other services to ensure that the pearly whites stay healthy and strong. Maintenance and restoration is any service needed to fix compromised smiles such as a root canal, fillings, or even orthodontics. At Serenity Dental, patient health is the most important goal, and the experienced dental team will do all that they can to create healthy smiles with safe, natural procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Serenity Dental’s cosmetic dentistry includes variety of quality dental services that are sure to create dazzling smiles. From teeth whitening and Lumineers to dentures and mouth guards, this dental office has everything their patients may need. Holistic dentistry is also a large part of Serenity Dental. Holistic services are those that take the entire body into account when doing treatments and performing oral procedures. This means that Serenity Dental absolutely never uses metal, mercury, fluoride or other potentially harmful substances in during cleanings, surgeries, and other procedures.

Other Services

Serenity Dental also offers other oral services their patients may need. From the kids to the grandparents, Serenity Dental has everything covered. Even problems such as sleep apnea, chronic snoring, and poor sleep can be evaluated by the experienced dentists at Serenity Dental. With their help, patients can come achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that are sure to boost their confidence.To learn more, visit the site or contact a member of the dental team by phone or email today.