Dianabol has huge effectiveness for muscle and strength

Dianabol, a widely used anabolic steroid is the trade name of the hormone Methandrostenolone. This compound was produced primarily for the purpose of athletic performance enhancement. Gradually, it found its way among the bodybuilders for muscle building and bulking. It is popularly used by the beginners as it can be taken orally. The drug is both anabolic and androgenic in nature. These two features result in an increase in strength and muscle. Additionally, it leads to a significant increase in nitrogen retention and protein synthesis quicker than other anabolic steroids. An individual can gain weight in the range of 20-30 pounds within a few weeks of its use.

Methandienone or Dbol is manufactured by numerous pharmaceutical companies and Genesis Labs is one of them. This manufacturer is a Singapore based organization. The information and review of this Dianabol brand are available on the bodybuilding websites. They sell the tablets in a variety of dosages. The best part is this brand is legal in the US and can be taken without a prescription. At normal dosages, there is no risk of side effects. But liver toxicity may occur at higher dosages. For therapeutic purpose, it is usually used in veterinary treatment such as to help in healing, enhancing nitrogen retention in muscle and curing osteoporosis.

Dosage recommendations

It is crucial to figure out the correct dosages as higher dosages increase the hazards of side effects. The brand of this steroid is perfect for the male users and the risk is too high for the females. The standard dosage range is between 20-40mg per day. The active life of the drug is 6-8 hours. To take advantage of the benefits, the workout should be done at the time this steroid’s active life is high. It is advisable not to exceed the dosage beyond 100mg daily. The injectable come in 50 mg vials and one will require two injectable a day.

The normal cycle shall last for 4-6 weeks duration. Extending the usage beyond the period of 6 weeks can be harmful. This product brand is mostly used as a bulking steroid. It helps in adding bulk without additional fat. The benefits of this drug remain even after the cycle ends. It can be stacked with Nandrolone, Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate for better results. The medical dosage does not exceed normally beyond 5mg daily but on careful supervision, dosages can be increased depending on the medical condition. The possibility of the side effects is mainly dependent on dosages, frequency and the duration of dosages.

Buying Genesis Methandienone

This brand of the anabolic steroid is easily available. Numerous websites are there through which the order can be placed without a prescription. However, users should take it under the medical supervision as it is a powerful compound with potential side effects. Before making a purchase, an individual for safety reasons should read the review of this Dianabol brand in the user forums. One can gain huge muscle mass rapidly with this steroid. Even with the small dosages of 20mg, one can get massive results. Moreover, this medication should be bought only from the reputable online vendors as the chances of faked or under-dosed products are minimal with them.