Dianabol: The steroid used for quick muscle gain.

The art of body building seems to get more and more popular each day. There is nothing wrong in building a good body. As a lot of menand women struggle when it comes to increasing both muscle size and the overall strength of the body, they often turn to using steroid. One such steroid is Dianabol which helps to gain muscle mass really quick and in an easy way. However, Dianabol results can be permanent. It is a good muscle gaining supplement that increases lean muscle and gives support to the joints.

In this article you come to know about the steroid called Dianabol and how it affects both men and women.


Summary of the history and dosage of Dianabol:

The history of Dianabol shall tell you that while using this steroid you must keep in mind that the correct dosage shall bear you wanted results. Here’s a quick briefing to help you through the process.

  • Famous over the world for being the second steroid ever created and produced in a massive scale after testosterone, Dianabol was first founded in the sixties. It was originally created the German chemists. It was later circulated in the markets of the United States to be used as a tonic.
  • Dianabol is available these days in mainly oral forms. It can be obtained from specified pharmacies. And they are also available as injections but only by specific prescriptions. It is generally used by the people pursuing body building. They have to gain extreme muscles and increase their body mass index within in a very short period of time.
  • There are several stacks, cycles or dosages available for Dianabol. People can choose to stack Dianabol with another steroid, namely Winstrol. It essentially contributes in shredding the excess fat in your body. Though there are several fad diets and exercise routines which might help you in shedding the fat, but you could also use this as a quick fix solution.
  • Although the classic 6-week Dianabol cycle allows for you to take between 20-25mg per day in oral form, the best Dianabol cycle includes the stack where you shall not only take your dose of Dianabol daily, but you will also take 500mg of Testosterone along with it. This shall continue for two weeks where on Monday and Thursday you will follow up with 250mg of Enanthate.

The yields of Dianabol in men and women:

For men- as they can tolerate the steroid better than women you should expect eating a caloric intake that is one to two times more than the average. Those calories are needed by the steroid users to help build mass. Within a span of 6 weeks men can see their muscles becoming double from the amount they had started with.

For women- they should try Dianabol with Winstrol or Anavar with an increased caloric intake to gain the same results as men. However, typically women do not use the steroid as much as men do.

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