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Silibum marianum is a milk thistle plant of the hard fruit in which the active ingredient is formed named “silymarin”.Thousands of years ago milk thistle was used for a variety of ailments and for disorder of liver. Many anti-oxidants and has been found effective in silymarin from protecting lever from environmental damage and toxins.Saint Mary’s thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle, variegated thistle and Scotch thistle are the species of an annual or biennial plant of asteraceae plant. This thistle has red to purple flowers with shiny green leaves and white vein. Firsly it was used and discovered in Sothern Europe and Asia and now is used all over the world. The plant grows 20 to 30 centimeters long.

Herbal and clinical;

For a number of purposes milk thistle has been used in liver disease and cancer. Studies clinically are largely heterogeneous and contradictory. . Its dosage is also given in a measured quantity so that no harm would cause to the person or no extra dose goes inside. Its proper dose is given as 20-50 milligram per kilogram of siblinin in 500 milliliters of dextrose solution and is being injected to the person’s vein in every six hours of 24 hours treatment. 0.7 to 0.8 silymarin extract is used for one time. In traditional Chinese medicine silibum marianum is used to clear heart and relieve toxic material to promote bile flow. It is clinically proven that efficiency of milk thistle is not clearly established. Promotion of ilk thistle is only on internet by itself but the cancer research UK says that there is no good evidence in support of milk thistle claim.


Safety and good quality;

Extracts of milk thistle are safe and well tolerated, however milk thistle supplements are measured to have the highest mycotoxin up to 37mg/kg among the other dietary supplements. Even some doctors have proven milk thistle as a food. As it can be used as a food, its roots can be eaten or boiled or roasted. Earlier people used to eat flower head and the stems can be soaked full one night to remove its bitterness. 0.7 to 0.8 silimarin extractleaves can be trimmed and can boil in a water to make a good spinach substitute and can be added to salad also.

Silymarin is an ancient medicine; earlier people used it directly from the flower of it. But now in the updating world doctors have made medicine from its seed and is very good for the health of liver. It is also even good for the patients of cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetic patient. Moreover it is more beneficial in reducing fat. As it breaks the tissues and cells which make fat in our body and it does not contain any side effects. It works as an herbs medicine and keeps the people safe from any side effect and makes the person healthy.

It should be consumed by adults only. Carsil is the most effective and protective for the liver. It is good for health to maintain body in shape.


All the extracts are of herbs and free from side effects and helpful in many of the things to maintain.