Get teeth whitening done today and smile with confidence

We consider our smiles to be very important in expressing our emotions like- happiness, contentment and peace of mind, but having discoloured teeth can be a serious setback to our confidence and self worth. Hence it is important to take steps at the right time to get back the natural colour of our teeth. This is achieved through Zoom teeth whitening process. Alternatively known as Zoom laser whitening, this procedure involves a 32% Hydrogen peroxide light activated gel for achieving fast results.

The cost

Before opting for the procedure make an estimate of the cost incurred. It varies according to the dentists and location. But people find it quite a worthwhile investment over the other whitening treatments. The cost is due to the high level of maintenance of the machinery and equipments required for the whitening process. Even though it is significantly costlier than other at-home gel treatments but several other factors work in its favour which is the cause of its popularity.

The benefits

Zoom teeth whitening is very convenient and time saving compared to others which requires a minimum of 7-14 days or more with up to two treatments a day or a single treatment lasting up to 8 hours and that too overnight.

As it is, an in-office dental treatment performed by professional dentists or other whitening experts, hence the results are generally more consistent and there are fewer chances of mistakes or errors.

It also offers long lasting effects with minimal amount of fade back. It is a onetime investment. Just good oral hygiene, some home whitening touch-ups every few month at home and regular usage of whitening toothpaste is enough to maintain the effect.

As we age, so does our teeth. Hence discolouration is a common occurrence. Therefore teeth whitening area necessity.


It is not enough to have whitened teeth if they are not aligned as they should be. To achieve correct alignment people will go to any lengths. These include using brackets and brackets. These are used for a significant amount of time but do not yield the desired result. With the advent of modern technology, orthodontics has introduced new methods of dentistry. People nowadays no longer need to depend on traditional methods butGold Coast Invisalign is here to take care of your misaligned teeth.

With Gold Coast Invisalign which uses plastic aligners which hardly visible and also discreet and removable, get the desired alignment of teeth and thus a beautiful smile.