Get The Special Kidney Diet With the Help of Dr Manuel Abrante

The kidneys are vital organs in the body however when they fail you need medical intervention. In Mesa, Arizona in the USA, there is one special doctor who will address your needs in a compassionate and friendly manner. He is Dr. Manuel Abrante MD – a reputed nephrologist in the region who is known for his expertise in the treatment and prevention of kidney disease in the region.

When it comes to the kidney diet, Dr. Manuel Abrante advises his patients to limit the amount of fluid in the body. He gives them suggestions on how to combat thrist. He tells his patients to use small cups for drinking fluids. Once they have consumed the fluids, he tells them to turn the cup down. At the same time he recommends a no sodium diet. Here, the intake of salt is reduced or limited. He tells his patients to buy food and look for labels that have a “no sodium” tag.

When it comes to potassium, this element is required to keep your heart beating steadily. However, when the kidneys fail, too much potassium tends to build up and this is not good for the human body. The excess potassium will lead to the dangerous rhythms of heart beat and this may lead to death.

You will find potassium present in many vegetables and fruits. Dr. Manuel Abrante will help you choose the right fruit and vegetable that will help control potassium levels if you suffer from kidney issues or failure. He will give you a list of the fruits and vegetables for you to intake.

Likewise, people that suffer from kidney failure or health issues have to take iron. They tend to suffer from anemia and it is important for them to include rich sources of iron in their daily diet. When you are treated by Dr. Manuel Abrante MD, he will ensure that you get the right doses of iron for your health. In short, he will devise a health treatment plan that will prevent the progression of the disease in an accelerated manner. His purpose is to delay the onset of further deterioration.

Dr. Manuel Abrante also performs dialysis on his patients. This is the process via which the waste matters from the body are removed. There are toxins in the blood and since the kidneys have failed, it is not possible for the patient to remove them naturally. They require medical intervention to get rifd of these waste matters and toxins. Dr. Manuel Abrante schedules regular dialysis for his patients.

He is a well loved, respected and highly esteemed person in Mesa. This is why people from all corners of the region come to his for kidney related health issues. However, Dr. Manuel Abrante MD goes a step further, He is also concerned on educating and spreading awareness of kidney health and the prevention of kidney failure. This is why he is very popular today and considered revered not only by his patients but his peers too!