Getting Anabolic Steroids without a Doctor’s Prescription, Is it Possible?

Steroids are famously known as an organic compound commonly used by athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness-centric individuals. It is a means to lose excess fat at a quicker rate while amplifying muscle growth. Despite the massive controversy behind using these drugs, there is a class of anabolic steroids termed as “legal steroids” as they require a doctor’s prescription for an interested individual to procure the supplement. Purchase of these steroids can be done over the counter in various pharmacies or by buying them through online means.

Legal Anabolic Steroids

The general public can purchase and use different types of anabolic steroids, and some of them are often obtained without a prescription. However, the acquisition of steroids without a doctor’s prescription is often seen as illegal in different areas.

Nonetheless, all the steroids found in the legal category provide different benefits, and each advantage has characteristics that offer enhancements towards the body’s strength, stamina, healing, muscle growth, weight loss, and overall athletic performance. Here are some examples of steroids that can help enhance your weight loss and bodybuilding performance.

  • Anavar

Oxandrolone is the old brand name of Anavar, and it was designed to become a very mild anabolic steroid. It’s often found and used as a growth stimulant in children as steroids were generally associated with stunted growth. In the case of Anavar, however, the anabolic effect is found to be very effective regarding linear growth.

This particular steroid also aids in promoting muscle growth and enhanced strength because of the mild nature of the drug. However, individuals who’re trying to bulk up and gain more muscle mass might want to look somewhere else. When combined with other anabolic substances such as Winstrol and Primobolan, there is a dramatic cutting effect to the physique of a person. The overall look is a lean, hard, and defined body, as opposed to other steroids that offer huge hulking muscles.

  • Clenbuterol

More commonly known as Clen or Clen pills, Clenbuterol is a powerful stimulant used by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts to burn off excess fat. This steroid strain works by increasing the temperature and heat production of the body, thereby increasing metabolic functions in the process.

Due to its effects, it’s considered to be one of the most addicting steroids on the market, and might cause unwarranted side effects due to overdose. Side effects due to an unnecessary increase in dosage include insomnia, excessive heart rate, and dry mouth. Users can combine the intake of Clenbuterol with other thyroid hormones such as Cytomel to increase the fat burning effect.

  • Anadrol

While many other steroids provide weight loss properties, Anadrol 50, or just A50 for short, produces weight gain to the body over a short period. Furthermore, it can become toxic to the liver, and it can deliver side effects such as headaches and bloating to the consumer.

However, this particular steroid is known to have successful effects in rounding the muscles. Bodybuilders looking to have fuller muscle formation while providing the joints with proper lubricant can try and seek the aid of A50. Users should take heed that there’s a rapid gain in mass towards the body, which might put added stress to your connective tissues.