Help Your Family Beat Spring Allergies

You are so excited! Spring is finally here! The snow is finally gone and the warm weather is on the way. The leaves are popping on the trees, the grass is turning green, and it’s a glory of growing things outside. All you want to do is throw your windows open and enjoy the refreshing breeze that brings a breath of spring with it. There’s only one problem. Your family suffers from seasonal allergies which you means you need to plan how you will make spring easier on the ones you love. If you are well-informed and proactive, your family can get through this season with minimal discomfort. Spring does not have to fill them with dread.

Figure Out What is Causing Spring Allergies

When spring arrives, pollen comes with it. The air is filled with tiny grains that are released from all of the plants that surround your home. The grass, shrubs, trees, bushes, flowers, and weeds are in a period of bloom. They need pollen to make that happen. While that is all well and good, it can be torture for those who suffer from spring allergies. If your family is allergic to pollen, their bodies are taking defensive action when allergens are inhaled. The immune system sees allergens as a danger. It then produces antibodies and histamines. The end result is all of the symptoms that come with allergies.

Dealing with the Symptoms of Spring Allergies

You know what the symptoms are as you stock up on eye drops, tissues, and antihistamines. During the spring, your family suffers from a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, and difficulty breathing. Your loved ones feel like they are dealing with a bad cold that lasts an entire season unless you do something about it.

See a Doctor to Get Answers

Don’t take allergies lying down. Stand up and meet them head on by going to the doctor with your family. See a specialist like Piedmont Ear, Nose, Throat and Related Allergy to get definitive answers. Through simple testing, you can find out what is causing your family’s symptoms and find ways to do something about it.

Try a Combination of Approaches

Once you know what is causing your family’s seasonal allergies, you can find the best solutions. Over the counter pills, nasal sprays, and eye drops can offer relief. When your efforts fail, talk to your physician about finding a more effective plan. Your family members may benefit from tablets that dissolve under the tongue or shots during this season. Prescription medications prove to be helpful as well. It’s important to keep asking for alternatives if your current treatment plan isn’t working.

Prep Your Home

As much as you want to leave your windows open, you need to keep them closed in the spring. Run the fan and air purifier to improve air quality in your home. Stay on top of dusting and vacuuming. You can also encourage your loved ones to change their clothes after they have been outdoors to get rid of any allergens that came inside with them. Showering after time spent outdoors can also hold pollen at bay. Spring allergies don’t have to keep everyone inside. If they have the proper medication beforehand, they can enjoy the season too. Make sure everyone is prepared before they go out.