How A Sophisticated Panoramic All Inclusive Pax Primo Imaging Unit Aid Dental Surgeons?

Dental surgeons need a scanning system that could let them see clearly through the entire problem area and diagnose the complication. This allows them to find a solution and start the treatment. However, in the usual x-ray machines this was partially possible with some practical complications. The present day advanced panoramic pax primo imaging units omit all the problems that the machine of previous decades had. This machine has three major modes that include;

  • Bitewing
  • Sinus
  • TMJ

These three allows the machine to have its own setting for those peculiar areas that needs to be diagnosed. Hence, constant setting on manual mode is not required each time the machine has to be used. The machine has a robust construction, multiple pre-settings and an exceptional quality of image deliverance. Its auto focusing feature always retrieves optimum images without the indulgence of disturbing patient untypical arch and mal-positioning. Since its digital image, if it can’t be used for diagnosis, the auto focusing system could be immediately revised; automatically. Its USB port allows for easy data transfer, while it could also be saved on an external source to transfer it further to any remote computer. Network integration is also possible because the machine has an Ethernet port, which is built-in.

The wide LCD 10.4” touch panel allows the operator to run the machine being right beside the patient. There is plethora of practical functionality in this scanner that involves mode selection capture, patient positioning as well as the storing of images; via LCD touch screen. Some of its functionality features are;

  • LED lamp: It indicates its current activity of exposure, where green shows machine to be on, but not operational. While orange is on when x-ray is happening.
  • Rotating unit: The scanning unit could move to the necessary position and also turn around the patient’s head, while exposure.
  • Sensor: It detects the x-ray dose going through patient and turns it into an electrical signal for exposure level detection.
  • Leveller for horizontal light: This adjusts the horizontal light to patient’s position in an optimal way.
  • Temple support: It bestows support to patient so the optimal image in perfect panoramic mode may be acquired.
  • Telescopic column: Pax primo has this unique feature that allows it to move up or down so as to adjust to patient’s height.

There are more features to this machine, which can’t be summed up in few words. But it does provide for everything that a dental surgeon may require.