How manufactures of cigar exist and colour of it?

Cigar belongs to a tobacco product which is available in different sizes, types and flavours. Tobacco leaves are using in cigar by doing heating and shading of tobacco leaves. Curing is the first step in cigar manufacture and fermentation is the second step. In the above mentioned two steps tobacco leaves are tends to aging. Once leaves attained aging based upon their appearance and quality they are separating for wrapper or filler use.

Handmade cigars are still considered as quality cigars. A quality cigar-roller can make more than hundred cigars (nearly identical) per day. With the help of crescent knives wrapper and filler, leaves are making by cigar-roller after that un-uniform size cigars need to cut and make it uniform and stored in wooden box to dry. It is necessary to keep cigars in humidor or wooden box after purchasing which helps to keep the taste of cigar for long time. Re-humidification of cigar is possible if a cigar gets dry, need to do this process carefully. Taste of cigar gets affect if tobacco oil in it lost.

Binder is one of the processes of cigar which uses sun grown leaves. It is considering as thicker and hardy when compared with wrapper. A bunch of tobacco leaves referred to as filler, it is folding by using hand which allow sufficient air to pass. Cigars said be long filler if full leaves are using in it, it is normally a handmade. Cigars be short filler if short leaves are using to make it, it is normally machine-made.

Cigars are available in variety of colours as light greenish, very yellowish, medium brown, reddish-brown, darker brown, very dark brown and black. Cigar’s most expensive component is wrapper which determines the flavour and character of it. Countries such as Cuba, Indonesia, Mexico and United States stood top in production of wrapper.

Cutting and lighting of cigars

Cutting has done in both sides of cigars or one side of cigar majority of them comes with one side cut and cap at other side. Three different cut of cigars are straight cut, punch cut and V-cut. Cap appears in the cigar’s head need to remove and foot of the cigar need to ignite is the process of lighting of cigars. From the head of the cigar smoke drawn from smoker to lips and mouth not in to lungs. Even burn of cigar is achieving by rotating it and with gentle puff slow air should be drawn. Matchbox is also used in the process of lighting where as piece of slender wood, from candles, campfires or fire places with help of twisted paper used also in lighting process.

Accessories to keep cigar safe

Wide varieties of cigar accessories are available in market with different quality of materials which determines the price. Cigar travel case helps to avoid cigars are getting crushed normally comes in sturdy or expandable leather. It is thick and couldn’t produce leather smell which affects the taste. To add more protection metal tubes or cardboards are using in cigars travel case. Silver, brass and wood cigar cases are available in market.

To carry cigar of small numbers (normally less than 5) accessory used is cigar tubes. It is also called as 1-finger tube or 5-finger tube, stainless steel is using to make cigar tubes. It is normally used for few hour travelling, for long journey tubes consists of hygrometer and humidifier are available. Cigar holders are using to keep cigars while smoking to use after few minutes. These are using rarely by men and frequently by women.

Some of cigar manufacturer are Global Premium cigars, Cigars international, Don Pepin Garcia for united tobacco, Drew estate & royal patel, Boutique Blends cigars and Menendez Americo cia. Ltd. As per other tobacco product cigars are also harmful for health and leads to many diseases.

 How to buy cigar easily?

Cigars can easily purchase through online which they provide fresh cigars, great selection, and quality service and speed delivery. Online shopping of cigar gives more comfortable shopping which avoids wasting of time, tiredness and tension in outdoor shopping. Online cigar websites gives 100% customer satisfaction and free shipping to any area. They also provide cigars with discount prices which is less than purchasing in outdoor stores. Purchase cigars online and get fresh cigar with aromatic flavour.