Interesting Facts about the Health Product

Any guesses what’s the highest prescribed drug? It’s Serostim HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that has nearly 2-3 dozens of brands of synthetic HGH. The generic name is Somatropin that’s used to create by using the recombinant DNA technology. Apart from stimulating the growth in your body, it has more than that to do.

The health products like Serostim are mainly responsible for cells reproduction and regeneration. It’s a prescribed drug and you can get it only through a valid prescription from your doctor. HGH is suggested for the people diagnosed with AIDS or HIV that’s associated with the cachexia and others.

Prescribed dosage for Serostim

Serostim is associated to the patients who receive the anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) and is approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. It’s responsible for enhancing the lean body mass, increase your body weight, and improve the physical endurance, but the bodybuilding using the drug is not been approved yet!

It’s associated with the variety of strengths, such as:

  • The single dose injections are administrated with the sterile water around 5-6 mg per vial.
  • Multi-dose injection that is given with the bacteriostatic water around 4 mg per vial

The preferred dosage for Serostim is approximately 0.1-0.2 mg per kg when taken subcutaneously every day, which is up to 6 mg. This is recommended for the patients who’re diagnosed with HIV associated with the cachexia.

The proper dosage is determined by the rate that could vary as per a person’s weight and body conditions:

  • Less than 121 pounds or over 55 kg – 6 mg every day
  • In between 99 to 121 pounds or 45 to 55 kg – 5 mg every day
  • In between 75 to 99 pounds or 35 to 45 kg – 4 mg every day
  • Less than 75 pounds or under 35 kg – 0.1 mg/ kg every day

The treatment could generally start on the every other day cycle to decrease the side effects, and it could take around 12 weeks to notice the changes. In most of the cases, the Serostim HGH treatments have been last for 24 weeks approximately. The studies on the long-term safety and efficacy of HGH therapy for more than 48 weeks are not determined yet. Injection sites should be around your upper arm, thigh, buttocks, and abdomen just to decrease the irritation rate.

Reviews based on the Serostim HGH

Serostim is associated with huge benefits, but the Serostim HGH injections are not prescribed or recommended for all. It’s not recommended for the people with low growth hormone levels or dealing with the AIDS and HIV conditions.

Human growth hormones are responsible for helping in losing the excess weight, suppress appetite, burn your body fat, and increases your digestion power. The health products like Serostim is packed with huge benefits, such as a boost in energy, increase your stamina, decrease the aging signs, reduce stress effects, and much more.

It’s responsible for improving your immune system, develops the muscle growth, increases your sex drive, progress your memory power, and recovers mental alertness.