Know about the different types of condoms you can get your hands on

Like any other products out there, condoms also comes in different shapes and sizes and also in many variants in terms of color, flavor etc. But regardless of these, people are still ignorant of the fact that condoms are also like any other consumer products and it comes in many options to choose from. Each condom has an uniqueness to it and therefore it is important that one first gets to know about these and then only one should go on to buy a condom. The types of condoms which you can get in the market today are as follows:

  • Kimono Microthin condoms: The Kimono Microthin condoms are just as the name suggests. These are intensely thin which gives it a much natural feel. Therefore even if one is wearing it for long, it will feel like one is not wearing any condom at all. These type of condoms are made using a special kind of latex rubber material which is totally natural. And not only this, perhaps the biggest positivity of these type of condoms are its shape which is expertly contoured, so as to provide the user with a better fit. Also these condoms are really safe despite the fact that these are ultra thin.
  • Trojan Extended Pleasure: The Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms comes with a special numbing lubricant to This lubricant is made of benzocaine and it effectively helps to cut off any chances of having a premature ejaculation. Also the lubricant is very effective in putting a decrease to any kind of friction and therefore makes the experience much more long lasting and smooth as well. Hence this is a condom which provides with a total win win package for the couple who are high on energy and enthusiasm.
  • LifeStyles DoublePlay: The LifeStyles DoublePlay condoms fall in those types of condoms this really hots the mark. And despite how much demanding the male and the female engaging in the act of sex these condoms takes just good care of both! This is as because these condoms are specially made, keeping in mind a man’s shape and proportions. On the other hand, these condoms are intensely ribbed on the top part and also are studded at the bottom which effectively boosts female pleasure as well. Therefore when one is thinking of buying a condom which does justice to both the partners, this is just the one to go with!
  • Durex Extra Sensitive: The Durex Extra Sensitive condoms were created keeping the aspect of providing with intense sensitivity in mind. This is the very definition of smoothness and comes in heavily lubricated. Therefore these condoms have less chance of tearing or ripping apart while a couple engages in intercourse. Also the top of these condoms are a bit wide than most of the typical condoms out there. This ensures that the user gets ultimate pleasure out of it.

Now that you know the different types of condoms available out there. You can now choose the one which suits your purpose aptly