Know How to Protect You from Common Skin Problems

Dermatologists specialize in indentifying, analysis and treatment of diseases related to skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes (refers to inside layer of a human mouth, eyelids or nose). According to researches dermatologists manages over 3,000 assorted diseases that include chronic eczema, acne to psoriasis or deadly skin cancer.

Highly proficient dermatologists like Dr. Kenneth M Reed offers superior class skin management services to patients from all across Massachusetts and other States of United States.  With over 25 years experience in comprehensive skin disease management the distinguished physician is associated with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. With in-depth clinical knowledge in their specialty area expert dermatologists take care of common skin conditions that include


Acne is a skin condition widely experienced during adolescence period. There are a series of possible causes that typically lead to formation of kinds of pimples on facial skin and the condition affects oil glands of skin. Acne can cause low self-esteem, depression and unsightly marks.

Fungal infections

Fungal infection is another widespread skin condition which affects skin, hair, nails and especially the unseen body parts. Individuals with destabilized immune systems may experience the problem more severely. This is basically caused by a group of yeasts called Candida.

Nail problems

Nail problems severely affect the nail’s look, polish and shape. It has varied underlying causes while half of them are caused by fungi infections. The problem may affect on overall health condition apart from lessening self-confidence and esteem. It needs long time treatment by eminent dermatologists. Consult doctor before your nail condition reaches severe state.


Psoriasis is persistent, auto-immune growth of skin disorder that can multiply fast if remain untreated. This affects the skin cells; spoils their normal health condition and results in silvery scaly, thick red patchy skin. There are different categories of psoriasis and only an efficient dermatologist like Dr. Kenneth M Reed who has long expertise to deal with the acuteness of psoriasis can offer you best solutions.

Dr. Reed completed his medical degree and residency course from the acknowledged Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. He has been operational in the American healthcare industry for over two decades and has treated countless patients with various kinds of skin diseases. In management of patients with Psoriasis Mr. Reed is extremely efficient and has cured numbers of young to elderly patients with harsh Psoriasis conditions. Despite the fact that the underlying cause of Psoriasis is not yet identified but malfunction of one’s immune system can lead of Psoriasis.

Dermatologists typically choose the treatment process once the type of the disease as well as its harshness or condition is identified. According to Dr. Reed that the majority or patients ignore the matter initially and that causes outburst of the skin problem. The various treatment procedures followed for management of Psoriasis are topical solutions, phototherapy, medications, oral therapies, and biologic drugs.


Rosacea causes redness in facial skin similar to flushing. It can stretch from the nose to cheeks, chin, forehead, chest, ears. The problem is mostly experienced by middle aged women with sensitive fair skin. Women prone to rosacea problems must obtain dermatologist suggestion for necessary care of their skin.