Mouth guards – A Quick Know How of the Essential aspects

Dental services have become varied these days and unlike yesteryears when individuals used to visit dentist for the different procedures like teeth whitening, getting their braces done, polishing their teeth, flossing, and so on, these days, patients also flock to dentists for mouth guards. These are mainly worn by athletes or sports people. Studies conducted on high school students have revealed that approximately 75% of the injuries that take place in college or university sports like baseball and basketball occur as the players were not equipped with a mouth guard.

Basically, mouth guards available are of 3 types, namely, the readymade one, the “boil-and-bite” mouth guard, and the customized mouth guard, which any general dentist can make for you. Almost all dental clinics will help you with mouth guards and these days, every dental clinic across the various states in United States offer this dental service. For instance, if you are staying in Clinton, MD, you can get these dental guards made from a general dentist in Clinton MD.

How will you make the optimum use of mouth guards?

Since making these dental guards involves a lot of expense, it is important that you take care of them. However, not only for sport people but also for others, it is a worthwhile investment. It offers protection to your mouth. It will help in preventing injury to the cheek, lips, root, and jaws. The incidence of fractured jaws, damaged root of teeth, broken crowns, and injury to cheek is not unheard of.

First and foremost, the dentist will take necessary measurements and customize the same as per your requirement and size. If at any point of time, you have a feeling that you won’t be able to afford a customized mouth guard, which is comparatively expensive, you can discuss with your dentist about the other options.

Being expensive, it of utmost importance to take care of these dental guards properly. So, you can do the following to protect your mouth guard so that you are able to use the same in the years to come. Check them out.

  • Prior to using the guards, it is important to clean them thoroughly. And once you have used them, make sure you rinse them too.
  • When you are not using the mouth guards, keep them in a container with vents. In this way, you know that the water with which you have cleaned them will gradually dry up.
  • By no means should you leave them in direct sunlight or soak in hot water as they are made up of laminate device or soft plastic.
  • If you are using one, make it a point to check with your dentist from time to time to find out whether or not it needs replacement or if it is working fine.

Take a prior appointment with your general dentist in Clinton MD and discuss with him any discomfort you are having with the mouth guards. Don’t try out any remedy on your own. This is because your dentist knows what is best for you. So, let him take the necessary measures.