Navy seal workout training routine:

         Seals are some of the most elite soldiers in US military, in order to handle difficult missions and tasks necessary for them, Seals are necessary to maintain excellent shape and maintain a high level of physical fitness.  Those who are interested in working out like a SEAL can begin by looking at the initial PST (Physical Screening Test) needed for seal applicants.  This test contains 6 various events which are basic fitness level, which all seals must attain.  This will give them extreme fitness and stamina.  Here are the 6 exercises they should follow when doing Navy Seal Workout,

First event: Swimming

          During this event of the PST, the applicants should finish a five hundred yard swim using either the sidestroke or breaststroke within 12.5 minutes.  The best way to keep this time, they can swim smaller sets of 100 yards multiple time.

          Example: they can swim 100 yards 4 or 5 times with a rest in between

Second event: Pushups

          After swimming they can take rest for 10 minutes, they can move on to the next portion of the Physical Screening Test.  During this event, seals should complete at least forty two pushups in another 2 minutes.

Third event: Sit-ups

          The strongest legs and hands are most important for navy seals.  So, after taking two minutes rest they should complete at least fifty sit-ups in another two minutes.

         Example: They can start with 3 or 4 sets of ten sit-ups or pushups per day.  This will help them get their muscles stronger and their stamina will get increased.  They can increase it to five sets of ten, two sets of thirty and finally one set of fifty.

Fourth event: Pull-ups

          After sit-ups, in fourth event seal applicants should complete 6 pull-ups with a rest period of 2 minutes.  This requires a large amount of strength, so those who cannot able to do this should focus on getting stronger by doing bicep curls and rows using dumbbells to build the stronger back muscles and biceps first.  After this, they have to work on improving the ability to do more in smaller amounts i.e. 3 sets of 2 per day till they can perform 6 at a time.

Fifth event: Running

        Most of the people are not fond of running, but it is really an excellent way to improve our fitness level.  This is the fifth event of the seal Physical Screening Test.  During this training, applicants start their practice with two miles; they have to run three times a week, at the same time they should maintain timing i.e. is 8.5 minutes per mile.  After two weeks they are expected to increase it 3 miles, then 4, 5 and by the ninth or tenth week they run up to sixteen miles per week.

Sixth event: Dips

        To strengthen their body and lower their body size they do all the exercise which mentioned above which are very good skills and another way to improve their strength is through dips.  Here they have to begin as same as pull-ups, they have to repeat it (dips) three times a week.

         Example: they can work out at least three sets of 10 dips, 3 days for a week


        While involving in Navy Seal Workout program, they should not concentrate all their time and energy in the exercise room.  This is not a good way also because they should take care only in handling every exercise properly this will help them to avoid injuries which are caused by lifting.  At the same time they should avoid exercise which requires a high level of skills unless they are under the supervision of a good coach.