Need a filling? Don’t avoid it!

In this modern age, it is all too easy to ignore the problems that surround us, as well as our personal ones. Reading the news is so depressing that many of us avoid it at all, and those who do bother tend to skim read the points that would otherwise be too upsetting if dwelt on. Wars and famines and disease go through the world taking lives left right and center, and yet it is easier to get upset about a lost puppy than thousands of lives in another country. Facing these problems only becomes more difficult when we start to avoid the issues that are actually affecting our own personal lives, like a job that isn’t fulfilling us any more, or a partner that is seeming more distant. But if you want to start making a change and taking things like this more seriously, perhaps the best place to start is in the little things that are nonetheless very important. That tooth ache, for example.

Studies have shown that tooth ache is one of the number one things that we ignore, even if it is giving us a huge amount of pain – and the trouble with tooth ache is that, unless you do something about it, it is almost impossible for it to simply disappear! Our teeth cannot just heal themselves, and though in very rare occasions when you may be fighting off an infection, your immune system may be able to leap forward and eventually fight it off, the pain that you will experience during that time will be extreme, and just a simple trip to the dentist will create the same result with almost half the time – and potentially no pain!

And yet going to the dentist seems to be far too much for many of us. We would prefer to avoid the dentist and live with the pain of tooth ache for some reason, as though it is weak to decide that something needs to be done in order to get help. For dentists in San Diego tooth restorations are rarely requested, although they are very often needed. A tooth restoration is another term for a filling, and it needed when a tooth ache has been ignored for so long that part of the tooth has become damaged beyond healing. It will need to be repaired, usually with a filling, and although San Diego tooth restorations are freely available to those who live in the area, very few people think to go and specifically ask a dentist whether they can help them.

So why is this? Well, it comes down to our love of avoiding things. It is far easier to ignore the pain of tooth ache and the fear of getting a filling than actually going to see a dentist, and see what needs to be done. You may be surprised; dental technology has changed so much in the last ten years that the process of receiving a filling is almost unrecognizable. There is almost no pain and discomfort while you are receiving the filling, and even the noise – the part that frightens the most people – is much less thanks to changes to dental drill technology. Many people are able to go to the dentist in their lunch break in San Diego, tooth restorations completed in an hour or less, and then go back to work! It doesn’t seem possible, but when you think that your tooth ache could be over in just one day, it makes you wonder whether it’s time to swallow that fear, and get yourself to a dentist!