Non Loop TV Enclosures And The Use In Modern Mental Health Hospitals.

Modern mental health hospitals are incorporating non loop TV enclosures in the design of new and expanding hospitals all over the world. There are several points why which we will explain below.

Why use non loop TV enclosures?

The simple fact is that the TV when mounted to the wall creates a looping opportunity for the mental health patient, so to prevent any harm coming to the patient whilst in the hospital; the TV is enclosed in a protective housing. These protective housings are called non looping TV enclosures.

As well as safe guarding the patient, these housing are there to protect the hardware from damage, should a patient throw something at the TV. Some mental health hospitals are recorded patients smashing the screen and attacking other patients and nursing professionals with parts of the broken TV, again preventing direct access to the TV prevents this issue arising.

Everyday use of the TV in a mental hospital.

Some people think that by putting the TV into a steel housing this will limit the use of the TV, however on the contrary, whilst the TV is enclosed, the TV channel can be changed, the volume increased or decreased and even DVD’s can be changed without opening the protective case, all with the use of infra-red extenders.

Some of the best non looping TV enclosures come as standard with a vented access door that is designed for use with TVs that have a sound bar, thus the sound exits the enclosure whilst no liquid can be poured into the housing.

As you can imagine security is the number one factor here, so any housing with cam locks are not a secure option, the same is for compression locks both can be opened with very basic items a patient will have in their wash bag! The only true solution is high security locks that some manufacturers fit as standard.

The next point to consider is that the TV once it’s placed into the housing will get warm, so the housing has to have some form of venting to let the hot air out and cooler air in, this is achieved on some units through the use of a thermostatic cooling system, so when the TV reaches a set temperature the cooling fans operate and expel the hot air, replacing it will cooler air, once the internal temperature has settled, the fans switch off automatically.

Non looping design is paramount!

Just a sloped top enclosure is not enough, as in some instances patients have managed to loop material around these units and hurt themselves, however with all 4 sides sloping, there is no way any material can be wrapped around the housing to create a looping opportunity.  The best construction material is steel, as this will not break under a patient attack.

This is why modern mental health hospitals are deploying indoor non looping TV enclosures to protect the patients and staff in their care.