Noopept – Best Brain Builder and Sustainer

Noopept is a brain booster supplement and was initially invented in Russia and has been highly prescribed and distributed in Europe. It is the strongest of all the Nootropic supplements and has proved to be efficient and effective in improving memory (long term memory and short term memory), sensory perception, learning capacity, focus and concentration. Noopept helps in increasing the oxygen amount in the brain, it enhances the neurotransmitters which is responsible for transmitting messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. It stimulates the brain nerves to be active and you start feeling the difference within 20 minutes of taking this supplement.

Benefits of Noopept

  1. Noopept is a trusted brand which helps in boosting brain power and brain functions like memory, recall, learning etc.
  2. The effects vary from person to person. While some experience slow and stable improvements, others see significant improvements.
  3. More can be achieved with less effort. This is because it helps in protecting the neurons in the brain from damage.
  4. In addition to the above mentioned advantages, people report significant changes in their mental energy and attention span. It helps rid the body from stress i.e. the overall brain communication and brain health is taken care of.


Noopept dosage

It is a brain enhancement supplement designed to enhance and sustain brain functions. It was accidently formed in a lab called Leek Laboratories in Russia. Adequate doses don’t result in any side effects and it is a proven fact. Fresh users shouldn’t consume more than 5mg two or three times a day. Once their body gets used to it they can gradually increase the dosage to 10 grams and then to 3mg and then to 40mg after careful observing enhancement and not any ill effects. Noopept comes in tablet and powder form. The powder form is cost effective as compared to the tablet form. It is recommended to buy a measuring scale to measure the powder. It is advisable to take it in the morning on empty stomach by mixing it with water and then in the afternoon and in the evening. Even small amounts of this supplement are found to have good and measurable effects. Noopept is a supplement and hence it should be combined with a proper meal. Combination of this supplement along with other supplements used to improve specific aspects of brain power has also proven to be effective.

Legal availability of this supplement

It can be bought legally on the internet. Noopept is an unregulated and legal drug bought by travelers or natives that is used for personal use and one will surely not get into trouble for purchasing it online or from any countries. If one wants to purchase it from the US, one should look out for pure Noopept powder and it is definitely not easy to find at a local medical store. Noopept is safe for consumers to buy legally on the internet but still the user must check the laws of different countries as it tends to change without prior notice. Noopept neither has a Drug Identification Number (DIN) in Canada nor is it prescribed as a schedule 4 drugs in Australia. It still hasn’t been specifically approved by the FDA for use as they feel that it comes under the category of smart drugs. Athletes must make sure to check the rules before consuming it as sometimes it might be an offense to use a performance enhancement drug.