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Many people dislike moles and skin tags on their face or visible parts of the body. Sometimes these are located in areas that rub against clothing or bra straps, which causes discomfort and pain. For this reason, the majority of people wonder about skin tag removal solutions without scarring. There are quick, painless and scarless techniques to remove these lesions, so keep on reading.

Skin tags are noncancerous and painless growths on the skin. They are common in both men and women, and they often appear after the age of 50 and can appear anywhere on your body, though they’re commonly found in places where your skin folds such as the: armpits, thighs, eyelids, neck, the area under your breasts. Skin tags affect people both males and females, but they happen more often during pregnancy, in people who are obese, and in people with diabetes.

The exact cause of skin tags is not known, but it may happen when clusters of collagen and blood vessels become trapped inside skin.

Fortunately,Academy Laser Clinics has found the answer to it that helps you instantly and it’s called ScarLess Radiosurgery.

Anyone with raised benign moles, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratosis (senile wart or basil cell papilloma) and other unwanted lesions on any part of the body might consider removal with ScarLess Radiosurgery.

When it comes to flat moles or freckles, they cannot be removed with Radiosurgery, but other treatments are available to lighten this type of pigmentation.

When it comes to areas of the body that men may not be happy with, discussions about the ideal penis size have probably existed since primitive times. Discussions began with customs and traditions that attributed to men with considerable genital endowments more power and virility, greater ability to perpetuate the species – at least theoretically – and greater attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Today, male enlargement surgeries, although recommended only for well-established medical purposes, are also done for cosmetic purposes to resolve the psychological and physiological problems of men who do not consider themselves sufficiently lucky.

As many as 60% of men are concerned about the size and/or the appearance of their penis. Men who have undergone penile augmentation procedures report greater self-confidence, aa more intense sexual life, and improved social life as a result of a high morale. So while this may be considered a taboo topic that many people are embarrassed, there’s no need to be, if the end result means a better life satisfaction and increased confidence. More men are trying to find out more about methods that are non-invasive yet can help them with their situation.

Just like many cosmetic procedures have improved and are now minimally invasive, enhancement of the penis has improved too.  With 20 years experience as a sought-after Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Jayson Oates FRACS and his team of medical practitioners have developed the CALIBRE technique: an in-clinic, Doctor-performed injectable procedure designed to noticeably increase erect and flaccid penile girth, along with flaccid length.

When it comes to product options, there are many dermal filler products and brands available with widely varying quality, results, price, longevity and side-effects. What is the most important is that the injection of dermal fillers is safe when  performed by an experienced and appropriately trained doctor.So when such treatment options are available they mean that penis enlargement is available, without the risk of traditional surgical methods.

Nowadays, facial rejuvenation treatments are the solution for many women who want to have an image as close as possible to perfection. Age, but also other elements such as radiation, unhealthy eating, and other harmful habits contribute to loss of skin elasticity and to the alteration of skin texture, resulting in unpleasant wrinkles and damaged skin. A lot of women are looking for options that are not dramatic, yet can help them boost their confidence and have a more youthful appearance

There are a number of things to consider if you are thinking about having a facelift:

  • Facial rejuvenation with the minimum pain

The fear of a scalpel, and may  prevent them from resorting to aesthetic procedures that would satisfy their desires to improve their looks. Hyaluronic acid facial rejuvenation is a modern facial rejuvenation concept for patients who want fast and effective aesthetic procedures without undergoing surgical procedures that can have unpleasant results. This treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid with special fillers.

  • Evaluation before and after treatment

Before you opt for facial rejuvenation treatments, a thorough consultation by your esthetician is required. Facial assessment is particularly important, and this is done during the consultation. Non-surgical aesthetic interventions that result in facial rejuvenation are made only after this assessment and are followed by a final evaluation for monitoring the results.

  • Fast and very efficient procedure

Generally, when talking about medical procedures and rejuvenation treatments, we think about the hours spent, both during the treatment itself and in terms of recovery or down time after the procedure.. Aesthetic medicine has advanced, and now procedures take much less time, and the results are surprising. You don’t have to spend hours or days on a row stuck to a hospital bed in a painful post-surgery recovery for a procedure that now takes much less and where the risks are minimum.

There is a innovative beauty method offered by Dr Oates from Academy Face and Body, who has probably performed more face lift surgeries in Perth than any other doctor. Returning from training in the USA in 1999, Dr Oates’ first operation was a face lift. He introduced and popularized short incision lifts (known as the S-Lift) and MACS lift to Western Australia. He has a huge experience with SMAS lifting; pulling on the deeper layer of muscle and fibrous tissue that gives strength to the face lift. After a series of conferences and workshops, Academy has changed to using the Deep Plane Face Lift for optimum results to give you a more youthful appearance.