Surgical treatment for scars

Scars are injuries resulting from the tissue repair. Scars can occur after: burns, wounds cut, bruise, by firearm wounds bitten, wounds operators, etc. They can be flat, with minimal aesthetic and functional damage or hypertrophy, keloid, retractile, causing functional disorders (hand, eyelids, mouth, for example) and aesthetic (especially the front). Thankfully there are different methods for scar removal.

They are different types of cars. Cheloide scars- there is a familial predisposition for their formation occur more often in women, localized mainly at the face, ear lobe, presternal and the shoulder.Hypertrophic scars – typically occur in the folds of flexion, and in other areas with high mobility and difficult immobilized. Children tend to form keloid scars, but which flattens with age. Treatment can be conservative or surgical scars and is practiced only after their maturation, ie 9-12 months after injury.

Surgical scar removal is different depending on the location of scars and their size. The use of tissue expanders placed in the vicinity of scars skin healthy in order to obtain an excess of skin to replace the scar. The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the scar. Postoperatively, if the scar is located limb segment is immobilized on plaster splint for 10-12 days. After suppressing local immobilization apply ointments to shape new scar.

During an exacerbation, when the skin is very red, and the lesions are painful, no matter how difficult it may be, experts recommend avoiding applying foundation . The best thing would be to avoid getting out of the house and stay with treatment on the face, than it will stop for makeup. If however you apply foundation, powder or blush, try to pass it as fine layer, to have a consistent and necessarily as easy as it removed by thorough cleansing at the end of the day. Experts recommend cosmetics containing as few additives (dyes, perfumes), possibly the consistency fluid and water based and oil free. There are a wide range of tinted dermatocosmetics, aiming to cover injuries and redness (erythema) without aggressing skin. Carefully read the ingredients and only then decide if the product is adapted to your skin. If you are seeking laser foot fungus treatment then do cosult your dermentologist in this matter.

Ultraviolet radiation can stimulate and enhance erythema and inflammation can proliferate. In addition, a lot of acne products are quite aggressive and may increase skin sensitivity to sunlight, so the results are even more negative. Whether or not you have acne, experts recommend applying products and creams factor sunscreen (minimum 20), at least 20 minutes before leaving outside.If you suffer from acne skin, non-comedogenic product search, which favors the emergence of new pimples. We insist again carefully read the ingredients list so you make an informed decision and not apply a cream wrong. Many experts believe that the idea that chocolate stimulates pimples and chips is just a myth. Even so, it is much better to avoid them and replace them with products that have demonstrated beneficial effects on the skin (and skin in general). Foods high in fat, fast food products and other foods devoid of nutrients, should be removed. The fruits and vegetables fresh, and whole grains are among the products that you should not miss in your diet.

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