The Basics of Lip Augmentation and is it Right For You?

Lip augmentation is a popular surgical or non-surgical procedure that enhances the appearance (and often size) of the lips by increasing the fullness of one’s natural lips.

As lip augmentation gains popularity it has become vital that the procedure is as safe and patient friendly as possible and since 2000, more products and techniques have been developed to make this procedure as effective and safe for the patient as possible.

Lip Augmentation Techniques

Fat transfer is one of the popular methods for lip augmentation. This involves extracting fat -liposuction, from certain parts of the patient’s body and then injected or surgically placing this fat into the patient’s lips.

Injecting Restylane into the lips is another form of lip augmentation. It is a clear gel that is very close to hyaluronic acid found in our bodies. This substance lasts about six months or longer and is relatively smooth to inject.

Non-surgical methods such as using a lip plumper or suction pumps can also give the appearance of fuller lips. A lip plumper uses Capsaicin to irritate the skin and make the lips swell slightly. Suction pumps using vacuum pumping to increase blood pressure in the lips and make them temporarily seem fuller

Risks and Side Effects

If the lips are overfilled, the results can seem rather comical or even cause lumpiness. Lip augmentation can also lead to swelling, itching or even bleeding. Recovery from lip augmentation procedures can last up to two weeks and any exercise will have to wait a few days as well.


The cost of lip augmentation varies on a few factors, mainly: the type of procedure, the doctor’s experience and where you live. One “filler” is usually priced per injection (one or two injections are usually needed) and the cost may range from $500 and $2,000.