The care for patients

One of the most important things that  we provide to patients who enter our Discoveryhouses rehabilitation center is: a personalized attention to each of them, where they can successfully overcome their problems of addiction and dependency to drugs and alcohol, substances that have been able to run their lives for many years. You can also obtain from our center useful and indispensable tools so that they can survive the temptations that await them out once they leave and complete their treatment with us, here we are committed to providing the opportunity of life to these patients, which they deserve.

One of the objectives of the rehabilitation, is to make these people can develop their authorship to its maximum level, so that they can deal with the ruthless reality with his head held high, and not ashamed of what a day forum and to share their stories with others who are also going through a situation of abuse of drugs and alcohol. It is very important that our patients take to the streets clean and ready to preach their struggle, particularly to carry its message of life and perseverance to young people who are the most exposed and naked are against the world.

In our houses of rehabilitation we teach them to learn to live with other people, something that they have completely forgotten, we teach them to respect the space of others and their own space, because once you leave here the first thing you are going to do is return to live with their families for as long as they get their own work where to earn enough money to search for their independence and learn to live with their families will allow the family to trust and believe in them.

There are many things that our patients are carried out at our center, we also teach them to take care of defenseless beings, as are their own pets, because in this way will the sense of responsibility, that is why we allow them to bring this adventure to their dogs, so that they can feel useful, can feel loved unconditionally by a being who doesn’t expect anything to change more than love and affection.

So if you want us to teach you all these things and give them a good experience to that loved one who is trapped in the vice, then we invite you to fill out the application form and send in the first flight to California.