The Dangers of Using Clenbuterol in High Dosages

When respiratory problems are present and the asthma attack starts, even athletes and professional bodybuilders would keel over with pain and the difficulty in breathing. Fortunately, drugs like Bronchodilator Clenbuterol are available to aid during critical situations.

As asthma prevention medicine, Clenbuterol is plenty famous already. But it became more popular with the positive results it showed when taken to help gain muscle and in cutting down excess fat from bulking up.

Despite the effectiveness it has, there may be a cause for concern considering the side effects and the probable severe risks that it has. It is for this reason that cycles were created to regulate the consumption of this drug. Along with the schedules, the specific dosage and mcg amount are given for the user to follow.

Unfortunately, some people are not the most patient individuals. They wish to see the results faster and as a result, increasing the dosage when it’s not prescribed happens. This deviation, when done constantly, can easily lead you to difficulties in health at best and death at worst.

To keep your urge to immediately increase the dosage in check, learning the dangerous possibilities is a must. At least, you’ll know the fate that befalls you should you forget about the importance of keeping the right dosage.

The possibility of insomnia – This is considered to be one of the more common side effects. It’s especially typical for people who are not used to taking it and are practically beginners. The drug is a high-level stimulant that awakens and strengthens every cell in the body. When the effects last longer, it may be the cause for difficulties in sleeping.

The jitters and shakes – Muscle cramps and jitters are also common during the first weeks. Those who have been taking Clenbuterol can easily adjust and have already formulated a good method on how to counter this. It’ll eventually diminish in the succeeding weeks. This may not be a symptom of a more severe condition, but you still need to be careful.

Heart attacks – Strong drugs such as this has the ability to weaken the tissues and the nerves around the most important organs. Constant high dosage consumption snaps the tissues. This is something that may be hard to notice, hence the sudden attack. And for those who know this also know that heart attacks never end on a good note.

Affects other organs- It’s not just the heart, unfortunately. Your kidneys and the liver can sustain heavy damage because of these things. With the strong chemical composition of most steroid types of drugs, it’s no surprise that it easily affects the organs that directly take care of the drug breakdown to the needed component. Such changes can easily morph into even more dangerous conditions.

Clenbuterol side effects from high dosages are no laughing matter. Medically speaking, it’s life-threatening and a good number of patients and a previous number of users are there to prove it. Using this drug to better your health will have no meaning when it’s the very thing that’s destroying your body.