Top 3 efficient therapies and treatments provided at a rehabilitation center

A rehabilitation center conducts a medical treatment followed by several other therapies for the dependency of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, nicotine and any other psychoactive substance. The entire treatment method is based on two phases:

  • Physical healing through detoxification
  • Psychological support to prevent relapse

The nature of the substance that entice the addiction and its particular side-effects decide the approach of the specialists Pharmacotherapies have proved to be very effectives as it serves three purposes at least:

  • Efficient treatment of rehabilitation
  • The Maintenance
  • Interruption of psychological and physical dependence

There are three ways of going about a clinical treatment connected with the symptoms of the patient and side effects on Central Nervous System or CNS:

CNS Depressants

They have mild to severe side effects and can be life-threatening as well. Usually these depressants affect blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate of the addicts.

CNS Stimulants

These stimulants can cause severe side-effects in the form of depression, suicidal thoughts, psychosis and paranoia.


Opioids also have minor to strong side-effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, rapid pulse, high blood pressure, pains and tremors.


Rehabilitation centers follow many other effectual treatment programs to prevent substance abuse and they include,

Day and Night Programs ensure smooth transition

The transition back to the mainstream of society proves to be very difficult for many patients once they go through their inpatient treatment. This is an approved drug rehabilitation program that helps prevent relapse during such transition period. This program is also known as ‘partial hospitalization’ in which addicts undergo many hours of therapies during they are permitted to stay in their homes at night. These patients practice addiction-free lifestyles which are supervised by clinical staffs until they completely reintegrate with the outside world.

Evidence-based therapies are highly effective for longer duration

Researches and studies have shown that evidence-based therapies have a high percentage of success rates than many other treatments applied at rehab clinics. These methods have been tested for past several decades and have the approval of both private and public organizations to use in United States. These therapies mainly include,

  • Peer group discussion
  • Family-based therapy
  • Individual counseling

Reality therapy helps bridge the gap

Addiction prevention experts face immense difficulties when it comes to the application of the medical treatment of the affected people in real-life situations. To resolve this issue, many rehab centers apply reality therapy. This therapy essentially imitates the ambiance of actual world by making the inpatient addicts engage in daily choirs like cooking, cleaning, and washing just as they do in outer world. Addicts can more conveniently adopt the permanent change to their lifestyles if they receive treatment while living in a close-to-normal set-up.

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction problems there is no time to lose. No matter how severe is the issue, specialists at rehab centers with many approved and effective treatment programs can help get one’s life back on the right track.

Author Bio:

John Smith jots down articles on approved drug rehabilitation program on regular basis through his experience of working with many rehab clinics.

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