Treating Neurology Disorders With Empathy !

Dr. Joseph Yazdi MD specializes in the diagnosis and the treatment of neurological disorders. These are the disorders of the nerves and includes the spinal cord, brain and peripheral nerves. Nerve disorders have the ability to affect anything ranging from motor functioning to cognitive behaviour. Most internal medicine and general practitioners in Belleville refer patients with neurological disorders to him.

Dr. Yazdi has been in practice for the last 21 years. He completed his graduation from the Drexel University College of Medicine in the year 1994. He presently practices at St Elizabeth Hospital Emergency Department and is also affiliated with St Elizabeth’s Hospital at Belleville. He is a very trusted and compassionate neurologist and surgeon in the region. He accepts insurance from Medicare, Cofinity and HAP.

When patients visit him for the first time, he generally listens to their problems. Later he takes a medical examination of his patients to determine how bad their condition is. He also asks his patients about the medical history of their family. In this manner, Joseph Yazdi MD determines whether any genetic factor is involved in the disorder or not. When he prescribes medical tests, he will check the gait, reflexes, motor skills, cranial nerves and other important body functions in the patient. This will help him identify the root cause of the problem. He later devises a customized treatment plan for his patients and also counsels them and their family if needed.

Dr Yazdi has the experience and the skills to treat different conditions. These conditions may range from small issues like headaches, sleep disorders, infections to more serious ones like strokes, dementia, epilepsy, seizures, Parkinson’s Disease and other neuromuscular disorders. Of course the treatment plan that he devises will vary as per the condition of the patient. He also may refer the patient to a different specialist if complications in other areas of the body are found. Physical therapists also work in conjunction with Dr Yazdi so that patients are able to see an improvement in their coordination, reflexes and other motor skills.

His patients state that he is a very caring and compassionate doctor who listens to every detail with patience. He devises the best treatment plan after extensive study and research. He also helps many families come to terms with acute issues pertaining to neurology issues. In short, he is more a friend over a medical professional when he is dealing with his patients and their relatives.

Dr.Joseph Yazdi MD understands the trauma and the mental dilemma that most people face when they are diagnosed or a loved one is diagnosed with a neurological disorder. With his aid and help, they are able to get back on their feet and pursue regular activities of life. He is also respected by his subordinates and peers. They say that he is a friendly professional with an inspiring presence. He is devoted to his patients and their topmost care. In short, he is one of the best neurologists and surgeons in the USA today and can be relied and trusted on blindly!