Types of Dentists in Jacksonville

Types of Dentists in Jacksonville

Because oral medicine is complex, it is separated in sectors in which you can specialize to become a doctor. These doctors went through same schooling, so the basics are the same. At the end of their college they choose which way they want to go. Every one of them knows a colleague that they can refer you to if they aren’t specialized in certain area.

Oral health is very important, and it should be a routine, but you still visit a dentist even if you take good care of yourself. There are many articles online on new tips you can use to keep your health on point. Jacksonville oral health blog or blogs from experienced dentists can help you with your oral health.

Family dentists

We all are familiar with a family dentist we always visit when we notice a problem. Most people who finish dentistry their job is just preventive oral care. This includes educating clients about proper at-home oral care, dental X-rays, and regular dental cleanings. They are also accountable for restorative oral care like repairing cracked teeth, treating tooth decay, repairing chipped or missing teeth, and whitening also.

They also work on gum diseases, but not extreme cases, mouth guards, root issues under the gumline. They are also here to help you to get braces, false teeth, and other procedures. Majority of patientshave problems that family dentist can fix, but for some procedures, they will just refer other doctors they know, or they will work on the problem at same time.Click here to read more.

Maxillofacial and oral

Maxillofacial and oral surgeons focus on the soft and hard tissues found in and around the mouth. It includes the cheeks, gums, lips, soft palate, hard palate, facial tissues, and tongue. After their dental schooling, this type of dentists are medically trained in hospitals and therefore perform more invasive operations than other dental specialists such as surgical jaw corrections, complex tooth extractions or leveling as a foundation for false teeth.

Reconstructive surgeries are also performed by these dentists, cleft lip surgeries or cleft palate, and sometimes biopsies, facial infections, cancerous tissue extraction. Oral doctors ordinarily provide the foundation for future dental work, so they work on improvements that are surgically done.


As their title suggests, prosthodontists are tied to providing oral prostheses that restore missing, decayed, or damaged teeth. Oral prostheses are teeth appliances and they are crowns, veneers, bridges, tooth implants, and dentures. Replacements for our teeth are often both functional and cosmetic as they can hugely improve the ability to eat, chew, and talk safely and effectively.

A smile makeover term is well known and it represents the complete visual appearance makeover of someone’s teeth. Prosthodontists are frequently responsible for carrying this out for cases of traumatic reconstruction and cosmetic reasons. They usually have the agreement with dental laboratories that make fake teeth or appliances, so they can assure their clients will get exactly what they need.


The main focus of periodontists is gums, and they are involved in stopping, diagnosing, and handling various gum problems. This can involve treating extreme gum pain and inflammation, treating and diagnosing extreme gum disease, performing cosmetic skin grafting on gums and installing dental implants.

Get more information here: https://www.perio.org/consumer/what-is-a-periodontist

So, any problems with gums, these dentists are the right choice to go because it is their specialty. Because some diseases can be really bad, dentists from other specialties can advise them about what procedures to make so the client will have a lifestyle which they had before.


The pulp is found below the gumline in the inner layer of dentin that is protected by the tooth’s hard enamel. It is made out of sensitive living tissue and it is very soft. That is the part in which endodontist usually work on. Like every other part of teeth, the pulp can be inflamed, damaged, or rotten because of trauma, injury, or decay.

It is very important to try to fix it because it keeps the teeth alive. Sometimes there isn’t much that can be done, so the only treatment is the root canal treatment that is constantly performed by endodontists.

Many people don’t know that there is a specialization for each part of the tooth or mouth, so they visit just general dentist.