Water Testing Report Is important To Get FSSAI License

If you are into a food business and trying hard to get a FSSAI License, then along with all the required documents you also need to submit a water testing report through an FSSAI notified food laboratory. It is one of the important documents that you need to submit along with other required documents for a food license. This water testing report shall have to confirm its amenabilityto the potablewater standardsrecommended by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Every food business operator has to firstly acquire a food license before he could commence the operations of the food business. The FBO has to check his eligibility for the state or the central license as this could be identified through his annual turnover/production capacity. The water analysis report could vary according to the nature of food business as the food businesses where water is not being used as an ingredient, the analysis could be done on essential parameters else a comprehensive analysis of water has to be carried out. The water analysis is done on physical, chemical & microbiological parameters.

The water analysis report must be obtained from a NABL accredited/FSSAI notified laboratory. The sampling of water must be conceded by laboratory professionals as they are better trained to take sample and further preserve under desired conditions until it is finally presented for analysis. So, one has to contact the food lab to complete the process of sampling and one should avoid taking the sample in absence of the required knowledge for the sampling procedure. FSSAI has issued a list of food laboratoriesthrough which one can get the water analysis done.

Food Testing laboratories play a very important role in the socio-economic environment as for the food business operators they ensure that the water being used in the food processing shall meet the global standards and for the government & individuals, the food testing laboratories ensure that water is free from all sorts of impurities and does not pose any health hazards to the citizens of the country.

Whatever water we are using in households is recycled and purified by the government, also at homes we do use water purifiers/RO systems to remove the impurities and that the water is safe for human consumption. But, still we are not sure about the cleanliness level of water and to validate the fact that the water purifiers and RO systems are working properly, one has to get the water tested through a reputed food lab. Likewise, the food industry should also send the water sample for testing even though they have a water purifier system installed in the premises but to ascertain whether the water quality is meeting the standards for a particular process, the analysis through a NABL accredited/FSSAI notified laboratory is a must.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has specified guidelines and parameters based on the kind of food business activity, so a food business operator has comply with the same. The different standards for water analysis are: