What Are The Real Benefits of Gastric Balloon Procedure?

Obesity is considered the most common problem in the globe nowadays. With so many weight loss pills and medications available in the market, it is really hard to tell which one is legitimate and which one is not. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult for the morbidly obese people to lose weight by using regular diet and exercise plan. Apart from that, there are many side effects of the weight loss pills available in the market as well. Fortunately, gastric balloon is a safe alternative to treat obesity .

What Exactly Is a Gastric Balloon and How Does It Make People Lose Weight?

Usually, when a patient is overweight and has a body mass index (BMI) below the requirement for gastric band surgery, they are eligible to undergo gastric balloon procedure. It is actually a simple procedure where a silicon balloon like instrument is inserted orally into the stomach and the same is filled with saline. As a result the patient feels fullness and their loss of appetite will actually result in losing weight.

Once inserted in the stomach, and the balloon is put in right position and inflated, the gastric balloon fills a large part of the stomach. As a result, the balloon leaves less room in the stomach for food, and the pressure from the balloon will make an individual feel full quite easily. Since the gastric balloon is inserted in to the stomach, it makes really difficult to eat too much in one go, and therefore an individual should lose weight quickly.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon Process:

Apart from the fact that you can lose weight very fast by using gastric balloon process, there are many other benefits of gastric balloon treatment. They are as follows:

  • Non-Surgical Process:

Gastric balloon treatment is a simple non-surgical weight loss procedure. Unlike other weight loss surgeries, no scaring is involved in this. The patient will be in and out in one day.

  • Great Solution

Gastric balloon process is ideal when you have an important event coming up and you want to lose your weight quickly. Since this process can only be used for up to six months, it can be effective way to shade the extra fat if you have a special occasion such as wedding coming up. However, it should not be taken as a quick fix, and the patient must be fully committed to maintaining a sensible diet once the balloon is removed.

  • Available for All:

Unlike other weight loss surgeries available nowadays, gastric balloon treatment is available for all individuals. In order to be a suitable candidate for gastric balloon process, you don’t need to be morbidly obese. Besides, it is also quite affordable procedure, comparing to other weight loss surgeries.

Generally, gastric balloon is suitable for individuals who are overweight and have a body mass index (BMI) rate of between 26 and 30. However, like all other weight loss procedures, you should consult your doctor and dietician first before you go for gastric balloon treatment.