What results could be achieved from Oxandrolone?

Oxandrolone is an oral anabolic steroid which is sold under the brand name of Anavar. Ideal for cutting cycle, Oxandrolone could also be used for versatile uses. Its effects are considered mild in nature whereas it adds significant gains in strength. It also provides firming effects to the body which makes it different from other anabolic steroids. Because it is one of the oldest and effective anabolic steroid that is followed by least risk of side effects, the cost for real Oxandrolone is comparatively higher. Here you are paying higher price for the quality product which provides you with instant results. Though the side effects are probable as it is to some extent toxic to liver, it could further be minimised following the recommendations of doctor and accurate dosage prescribed by them. The results of an Oxandro cycle could be measured by the reviews of users about the results experienced by them.

As Anavar is considered as a controlled substance, it is hard to find real Anavar in the countries where they are banned according to steroid laws. Due to this, many underground counters and online websites have adopted the policy of developing fake pills which are sold at equivalent price of real Anavar. The ingredients of fake Anavar could be harmful for your health as the combination of contents is not appropriately measured. Due this reason dosage could vary from one individual to another. The effects on the endocrine system are considered to be mild in the case of real Oxandrolone as compared to other anabolic steroids. As it does not tend to retain water, you can easily increase a muscle tissue along with the preserved one. It helps in burning the unwanted body fats along with retaining the muscle mass. People, who prefer Oxandrolone alone, are recommended to take doses higher than 10mg in order to experience traceable results.

This might be the reason for its popularity amongst athletes and body builders. As its price is comparatively high, it could not be stacked to any cycle. Like if you are stacking Oxandrolone for bulking cycle then it would be totally useless because Anavar is exclusively meant for cutting cycle. Adding such a costly substance in high amount for cycles it is not meant for is not justified anyhow. Women who are desirous of experiencing results of an Oxandro cycle for figure and fitness competitions, comparatively low dose is recommended. It is found suitable for women because of low risk of virilisation.

Moving toward the positive as well as negative results of using Oxandrolone, it is highly anabolic with very mild androgenic properties. Some side effects that are generally noticed were in case of men. In women, it include clitoris enlargement which are found in rare cases. It has been developed from DHT which could be taken orally. The way it has been modified allows it to metabolize through liver without causing any effect to other organs. The possibility of hepatotoxic side effects to occur is comparatively low in the case of Oxandrolone.