What to do when you’ve got wisdom teeth coming

The dreaded wisdom teeth are coming, and just like how a villain shrieks about halfway through the movie – there’s nothing that you can do about it! Wisdom teeth happen to all of us eventually, and although there are many old wives’ tales for how to avoid them, there is no medically proven dental trick to getting out of it, so you’ll just have to wait your turn and see how it pans out. After all, not everyone who has a wisdom tooth comes through actually experiences a huge amount of pain, and it can take a few days up to a few years for a wisdom tooth to completely the surface of the gum. So what can you do when you have a wisdom tooth coming?

Well, for a start, you may not actually have a wisdom tooth coming! As strange as that sounds, many people mistake the pain from a wisdom tooth for just general tooth ache, especially if they are in their late teens and expecting wisdom teeth to starting coming through soon. However, if the pain goes away after a day and that is all you experience, then the chances are that you just had a little rubbing at one place in your mouth, or an infection that your body was able to fight off. Pain in the gums does not automatically mean that a wisdom tooth is about to make an appearance. When you have wisdom tooth pain there is absolutely no way that you can mistake it for anything else because it can be agonizing, preventing people from going to work or college, and for some people it even affects their ability to drive and concentrate on the road.

When this happens, there are two things that you need to do almost immediately: take some pain relief so that you can concentrate properly, and make an appointment with a dentist to get it checked out. The pain relief can be any sort of over the counter pain medication that you have found to work in the past, and if when you see your dentist they prescribe something a little stronger, make sure that you always take the recommended dose. You still need to be able to feel where your wisdom tooth is coming through, otherwise, you may not know if things are getting worse or changing. When you go to your dentist appointment, your dentist will take a good look at your teeth and work out exactly how the growth and development of the wisdom tooth is developing. In many cases, the wisdom tooth is positioned nicely, and everything is going to plan.

And then in some cases, it’s not. If the wisdom tooth is growing at an angle into a neighbouring tooth, it will make an impact that will be very painful, and that is often the pain that people feel when they just think that it is the growth of the wisdom tooth through the gums. In this situation, for many dentists in San Diego wisdom teeth removal is the best option for their patient. After all, we do not actually use our wisdom teeth for anything in particular that our other teeth cannot do, and so we do not lose out much when they are removed. Although some people get nervous about the idea of this even in San Diego wisdom teeth removal is a very routine procedure, and many dentists are so skilled at it that it is over in minutes, before the patient even realizes that it is out!

Now you know what to do when you have a wisdom tooth coming through – and it’s really nothing to worry about.