Why Do We Have Baggy Eyes?

While many celebrities get eyelid surgeries to make themselves appear younger, do they actually know why we get baggy eyes and dark circles? If you already know, then you might be interested in treating eye bag in Sydney by Dr Naveen Somia.

Today, there are many sleep-deprived people, and every single one of them surely knows that having dark and puffy eyes can be caused by a bad night’s sleep, or no sleep. However, why do people actually get the dark, purplish circles and bags under their eyes in the first place?

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The answer

This can usually be answered in many different ways, but it all comes down to two different answers. The first one is related to genetics while the other one is related to environmental causes, which is basically the result you get by leading the lifestyle that you are leading, rubbing eyes, having little to no sleep. Both of these answers are correct.

The biggest culprit

While both of those answers might be correct, the biggest criminal is genetics. Eye bags and dark circles tend to be more visible in people who have pale or thin skin because of their genes. The explanation is quite simple; because of the fair complexion, your skin Is not able to hide anything that is going on behind the skin.

When people feel exhausted, tired or stressed, the circulation in our eye areas tends to be a bit slow, which allows a pool of blood to exit there. Capillaries will stretch and leak, which will eventually lead to dark eye circles that are puffy.


Some people are more prone to subluxation because of their genes, which is the movement of fat under the eyeball to the front of the eyes. When that fat starts to move forward is exactly when people consider having eyelid surgery. In addition, this is not something hat is related to how much we sleep at night, since you can get as much sleep as you want and still have baggy eyes due to genetics.

Environmental factors

This is the second reason why we can have baggy eyes. For example, people with allergies, especially the ones who have seasonal allergies. When our bodies are exposed to allergies, it will release immune proteins that are known as histamines and those substances are able to make blood vessels around our eyes swell.

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If you are too much out in the sun, the sun rays can also damage the thin skin and make it darker and more visible. Moreover, if you eat foods that are too salty, your body will retain more water and that will result in baggy eyes.

Sometimes the environmental factors are out of our control as even gravity can cause us to have baggy eyes. As you age, the skin around your eyes is bound to become loose as your muscles weaken, and there is nothing we can do about aging.

Final word

Since aging is inevitable, that means that sooner or later we will all have baggy eyes, wrinkles saggy eyebrows, and other signs of aging. However, if that strikes you earlier than it should, you should call a Bondi Junction plastic surgeon like Dr Naveen Somia who will surely help you get your youth back.