Why having a good knowledge about drugs in bodybuilding is important

Steroids are not something that you can do on your own if you plan to use it for enhancement and you don’t have a medical background because the understanding that it requires is deep.

If you are a bodybuilder there are a lot of principles and topic that you need to know and apply. You got nutrition, exercise. If that is not handful enough you add pharmacology into it if you plan to take drugs, and yes you do need to study the drugs and know about it.

  • Being lean: This is because in order to have a harder, lean physique you need to have this knowledge in order to properly utilize the drug and maximize its effects. Reaching your goals is a lot of things and certainly falling short in control and discipline is not optional.
  • The fineprint: this is because there is a written law about drugs that are very specific; it’s very calculated because you always touch the topic of dosage. Being critical with the preparation in dosage might vary per preparation but there are general principles that should always be followed and that you will learn as you go along.
  • The knowhow: if you’re not confident in taking a drug but you really want to then try to find people that can help you manage it, someone that is experienced with the drugs, a seasoned bodybuilder or someone from the health industry like nurses and doctors if you know one.
  • The knowledge: being ignorant and knowing nothing and just taking the drug is a huge mistake, because knowing everything about the drug is your safety net. The very important knowledge that you need to learn and apply in order for you to know the control and the discipline that you need to make.
  • Pharmacokinetics: Let’s go with the technicalities, its called pharmacokinetics. It’s basically a study on how a person manages a substance being taken from ingestion to elimination. This has 4 processes:
  • Absorption: The process wherein a substance is absorbed by the body after the time it was ingested. The mode will vary based on the preparation of tablets and injectables.
  • Distribution: The process wherein the body absorbs the substance, this varies on the preparation and site. Injectables absorb faster than tablets and capsules.
  • Metabolism: Your liver and kidneys play a big part on this since they are the ones that mostly metabolize these substances and convert them into a new chemical that can be excreted in the body.
  • Excretion: the process of removing the waste product from the body.

If you plan to get buff with the help of drugs you need to know these things. This is not just optional but a must because this is the knowledge that you need in order to know the controls that you need, the precautions and what you need to watch out for. It pays to be informed especially when that information can save your life.