Why is it important to store the umbilical cord?

The umbilical cord is a tube-like structure by which a baby gets nutrition and nourishment from his or her mother. The blood from the umbilical cord is collected after the baby is born. The blood gets so much importance due to the fact that it contains a huge number of stem cells. Stem cells are regenerative cells which act as the building blocks of our body. They have a peculiar capability of dividing for a long time and can make specialized cells. Stem cells are used as a medicine to treat chronic diseases such as leukaemia, Parkinson’s disease, sickle cell anaemia etc. Diseases such as leukaemia require bone marrow transplantation for treatment but in most of the cases, the patient die before getting a suitable donor.

Bone marrow transplant requires a proper matching of the donor and the patient which is determined by various tests. To resolve this problem researchers have come with an amazing solution. They have researched about the umbilical cord blood and as a result, they got that it is a huge source of stem cells. There are many advantages to collect the stem cells from the umbilical cord and to store them in a blood bank. The best hematologist in india says that storing the blood from the umbilical cord will secure your child’s future.

Reasons why you should store the stem cells?

The importance of stem cells is not unknown now. But how it is the better procedure than the bone marrow transplantation process will be discussed below.

The collection process of the stem cells is a painless and an easier procedure. It is taken from the umbilical cord after the delivery of the baby. But in bone marrow transplant procedure the bone marrow is generally taken from the pelvic portion and it is a painful procedure. The bone marrow transplant procedure involves the use of a huge number of injections and medication.

Stem cells can cure a number of critical diseases like cancer, genetic diseases, immunological disorders etc. By storing the umbilical cord blood you will protect the health of your family. In future whenever there will be any medical emergency you can easily get the stored stem cells and the treatment would not be hampered because of the donor.

Many people who need stem cells for living eventually die because they could not get the suitable donor for them. But storing the blood from your umbilical cord you are making sure that your baby would not have to face any problem to get perfect matched stem cells.

As the stem cells are linked to your baby so there is a very less chance of mismatching and graft rejection. So the post-surgical procedures will not be very hectic.

There are so many advantages to store stem cells and literally no disadvantage except the fact that storing it in a good place is costly. Another thing is the uncertainty of the viability of the stem cells. It is not sure that for how long the cells will be active.