Workers Compensation Doctor – Understanding Your Rights And The Process

There are Federal laws in place to protect employees who have been hurt on the job. These same laws also try to protect employers from frivolous claims. That is why it is important to get immediate medical care after an injury. Initially, it may seem like no big deal. However, tomorrow you could wake up in a great deal of pain. There is also the chance that you will have immediate and severe pain at the time of the injury.


Employers have a responsibility to keep employees as safe as possible. Even with precautions in place, accidents do occur. Some facilities though are higher risk than others. For example, a factory setting is more likely to see someone get hurt at work than a desk job office setting.

Qualified workers compensation doctors in Boulder, Colorado, for example – these guys , can complete an exam if you have been hurt. You should go to the ER first and be seen. However, you should also follow up with someone that specializes in this area too. Find out from your employer if you need to see a specific doctor or go to a specific facility within Boulder. Otherwise, you can go to the one of your choice.


The realm of workers compensation claims can be a bit hard to navigate. There are tons of forms that your doctor must submit. This is why it is crucial you go to a doctor that has the right knowledge. Not only do they need to be able to care for you well, they need to be able to help you move your case forward.

The goal of the employer and the insurance provider is to offer the coverage that gets results. They want to pay the least amount they have to over time for the injuries. They often listen to what the professional doctor has to say. They may approve treatments for outpatient care initially.

However, there is often a timeframe on that type of recovery option. If there aren’t substantial results in that period of time, then they may approve for surgery to be done. Nothing should move forward without the proper paperwork being completed and approved.

State Laws

In addition to Federal laws and mandates, there are also Colorado laws that apply for workers compensation. They are in place to protect both employees and employers. If you have any questions about them, you should ask your employer. You can also ask the workers compensation doctor.

If they are licensed to provide such services in Boulder Colorado then they should know these laws very well. They should be willing to explain them to you in terms that you can understand. Those outside of the medical profession often have a difficult time deciphering all of the legal jargon. You shouldn’t be intimidated by the laws though. They are there to help you and to ensure you get treated fairly with any workers compensation claim. Keep all of your scheduled appointments and ask your doctor questions as you go.

Compensation Package

In Colorado, your medical expenses will be covered under workers compensation. The payments will go directly to the doctor or the clinic. Keep in mind that if you don’t get a doctor or clinic approved then you have to pay that cost. There are several different compensation packages that can be worked out.

Typically, what you are offered depends on your injuries and your employer. You should qualify for a cash payment that is equal to a percentage of your wages. This often falls under the category of temporary disability. To qualify, the Boulder Colorado doctor has to verify that based on their findings, you can’t return to work in that particular capacity.

They also have to stay how long they feel you will be unable to do so. Of course they may not know with certainly. However, a note that says at least 6 weeks is going to suffice. After that period of time, they will have to submit additional information based on where your treatment plan is at for that point in time.

Should you not be able to return to work at all, then you will be qualified under the long term disability. You may be able to continue getting a monthly payment. It is based on your previous earnings and how long it would have been reasonable for you to continue working there based on your age.

In many instances, you may be offered and outward settlement. Talk to your doctor about this because they may feel you need ongoing medical care. You don’t want to take the money and then spend most of it on your care relating to the accident. You may wish to discuss a settlement with your attorney too. They may have some precautions for you take such as your tax liability.


You may be able to receive help to pay for your medical bills due to a worker’s compensation injury. You may be able to get a cash amount too due to the work you missed and the pain you suffered. Typically, if the Boulder workers compensation doctors say you are hurt and that it is legitimately due to the incident at work then you will get paid.

An insurance adjuster will look over all of the medical forms and documents. They will determine if you will be able to return to work or not. If the answer is yes, they need to look at how long it will be until you can return. They also have to look at the severity of pain and the type of pain when trying to allocate a dollar amount.

If your claim is denied, you should hire an attorney. Many of them will work with your doctor to help you get it approved. They often don’t charge you either unless your case wins. Then they get a percentage of what you were awarded. Litigation for your workers compensation though should be considered only as a last resort.